Critically acclaimed Austrian electronic musician, producer and DJ Stefan Obermaier has joined forces with his partner Zwetelina Angelova to launch his own label imprint Drift Recordings, based in Vienna.

We can proudly say, we have found support in the international leading DJ scene, we make it with every release from our house into the top 10‘s German Club Charts and into the top 10‘s and top 20's UK's Cool Cuts.

Considering the rapid changes in the music industry that have taken place over the last years and all emerging new structures on the genre-specific music market, our business aim is to be on the right path in the fast developing music environment and to ensure artistic freedom and creativity simultaneously. We thank all our colleagues, friends and fans for their support!

We are not a full-service agency, we are not an event promoter or something similar. We believe that for specific positions the respective professionals are needed.
We are two professional music lovers, focussing on bringing to you pure high quality electronic music.

One passion. One vision. One love.